Andrew McCulloch is an adviser, investor and Non-Executive Director, based in London. 

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Finding the magic

Finding the magic


As I am starting out on this journey, I thought it would be good to discuss what makes a good entrepreneur.

When it comes to the more successful entrepreneurs I have dealt with, I am always struck by how different they are as individuals. Some are the sort of people you would follow into battle, others are not quite so inspiring... It is important to look past the titles or badges people give them, or the ones they promote themselves – as in my experience there are very few people who can be described as a “maverick”. I read a lot about the mystique that some of the most well-known entrepreneurs have, just look at how Steve Jobs was revered almost universally.

However, I believe what they have is not magical, simply they tend to have a laser like focus. The key is that each and every one of them has a certain skill. However, what sets them apart is that they know what they are good at and focus their attention on making the most of it. By doing so, they have been able to be successful. How success manifests itself can vary, but this is the common denominator.

Perhaps at an even more basic level, the importance of self-awareness is a key factor. Before you approach any commitment in business, it is fundamental to know your key skills as an individual, as well as those around you. You can then fill the gaps where you are weakest with people who have those missing elements.

At times in my career, I have taken time to reflect on what I am like as a person and ultimately this is most important when I haven’t been successful. This was a valuable exercise, although I think I am still a work in progress. At the same time, I tried to be brutally self-critical about my weaknesses, so once I acknowledged what I am worst at, I can find people around me to help me fill those gaps.                                                   

It strikes me that this is the surest way to success in business, as well as in your personal life.

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